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Total Solar Panels Installed


Total Storage



Daylight And Utility Available

During this time all the appliances will be drawing power from the solar and you will be off grid depending on the weather conditions and utility power availability and number of modules installed, together with the inverter size of choice used.
This can be achieved if you have enough modules to power the whole house and at the same time charging the battery


At Night And Utility Available

At night when Utility is available, and the battery is fully charged you can power your entire load using the battery to take you across high tariff peak hours and later switch to Utility during lower tariff peak hours saving you money that is from 2300hrs to 0600hrs


At Night And There Is Loadshedding

During this time is when you power your essentials for example lights, security system, TV, fridge since you will be drawing power from the battery because there is no production from the roof. This would determine the battery capacity.


Day And Loadshedding

During this time, it all depends on the inverter size and number of modules installed, the inverter should be big enough to power all your loads whilst the modules should be enough to power the house and charge the battery for night usage

Site Assessment

To achieve all the above there are site conditions that needs to be met for example available space for modules on the roof. Also, we install energy auditor meter at your premises free of charge, monitor your power consumption patterns for a period of 1 week. This is done so as to get accurate data for power consumption profile. Then design a proper system that can cater for your power needs.


We design a cost-effective Solar solution system for you, that meets your requirements using the data collected on Assement


our team is qualified, competent, and experienced enough to carry out your installation in a way that will please and give you peace of mind knowing your installation is done by Qualified and certified installers that can give you a COC together with a GREEN CARD on completion

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In4SolarSolutions is a subsidiary of Arise Afrika Electrical which has been operating in Electrical Engineering sector from 2010 to date in and around South Africa, which now has a specialized division for Solar Renewable Energy to bring a solution to the global energy crisis call. Where Experience meets Excellence we have a highly competitive team of engineers and technicians experienced enough to take on any magnitude of your solar needs or project value from system design, installation, and maintenance.


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" The In4Solar team came through for for me. Their installation was neat and was finished in good time."

Jake Richardson

" I would recommend In4Solar team to anyone who is installing Solar. They are very knowledgeable of their job and had ready answers for all my concerns. I am saving a lot of money because of them. "

Lawrence Dube

" Thank you In4Solar for coming to my rescue with well installed and effective Solar system. You guys are the best. "

Jolene Peters

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