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What set us apart or Preferable?

No SOLAR SYSTEM is a 1 size fits ALL, for SOLAR to properly work for you and GUARANTEE a RETURN ON INVESTMENT, you NEED A PROPER SOLAR SYSTEM DESIGN, At In4solar we do not just sell Solar equipment, We Design solar systems and supply equipment as per design to customer load specifications, every property is unique therefore it is Never One Size Fits All, we do free site assessment and if need be, we Install energy loggers to get finer data and pattern of your energy consumption, so that we spec or size your system appropriately.

We are Sapvia accredited Solar Systems installers, we install your system according to South Africa Photovoltaic Industry Association standards hence we,

Issue a PV Green Card: - on completion thus confirming your system is compliant, with a plus our Senior Technicians have Trade Test Red Seal Registered Electricians to Issue Electrical Certificate of Compliance, in this case it will be a Supplementary COC if you already have a Valid COC.


With our training and vast experience in Electrical Engineering we boost our workmanship with 3 years warranty. This covers all work done during installation.

We Have A Track Record

Our happy clients are more than willing for you to speak to them, and even visit and see their systems and hear their experience with us, face to face. Including these with pictures attached.

Service And Support

To us Service is KEY, we will not leave you uncovered, our Support is 24/7 with Online Support making it easier, we communicate from the first time we engage till we leave you on Green Energy, we value communication keeping you informed all the way.

Victron Certified

Having gone through Victron Training we are approved by Victron to Install; Program & do Firmware updates on Victron equipment, to system design specifications for equipment to function as required, – Victron equipment will not work without going through this process.


All our equipment has warranty, Victron equipment come with 5-year warranty matched with our best selection of panels with 25-year warranty and Lithium-ion batteries with 10-year warranty or 4000 to 6000 cycles, whichever comes first. Our BOS (Balance of System) also come with more than 5 years warranty this include cables, roof panel racking, clamps, connectors, combiners etc.

Trade In

Only when you believe in your product or brand. Our Batteries of choice, matching super well with Victron, Freedom Won Lithium-ion, locally assembled in South Africa, after installation and running for months and you discover you need a bigger battery, you can Trade In your current you got through us, we give you a bigger one of your choice.


Qualified RED SEAL Trade tested electrician

Wireman’s license holders

SAPVIA Green Card Registered

VICTRON Trained And Certified Installers

ESKOM Accredited And Approved For High Voltage Swi

High Voltage Cable Jointing

Mini Sub Installation

Start Powering a Greener Tomorrow Together.