Start Powering a Greener Tomorrow Together.

Commercial Services:

All commercial arrangements benefit better from SOLAR.

In Africa we have 8 sunny hours meaning we achieve high energy production from 8am to 4pm, these are the same as traditional business hours, during this time, all your Aircons, Lights and HVAC equipment will be running, so it then makes a lot of sense to have your office SOLAR POWERED in order to reduce your ELECTRICITY BILL.

Having a GRID TIED SYSTEM will automatically take you OFF GRID during the day.

A GRID TIED Solar system is a Solar system without a battery, the battery is the most expensive part of a solar system, so taking it off will reduce the overall cost.

A GRID TIED SYSTEM has one single downside, when there is LOAD-SHEDDING we also loose production.

On all Commercial to industrial installations, we have PATNERED with a financial GIANT who can offer the whole Solar System at zero cost to your organisation.

On this we enter a contract with you, whereby you will be paying less than your current electricity bill (cutting Eskom out) as you ONLY pay for the power we produce.

Advantages of a POWER PURCHASE:

Start Powering a Greener Tomorrow Together.