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Freedom Won

Freedom Won

  1. Lithium Iron Phosphate is the safest most cost-effective form of lithium battery available. Freedom Won offers next generation energy storage with increase in service life and operational efficiency at a fraction of the life cycle cost compared to other energy storage types.
  2. This one is the game changer in energy storage solutions. The battery works hand in hand with our flagship inverter which is the Victron. This is an ideal battery for your Victron solar solution.
  3. Freedom Lite is guaranteed to deliver 4000 cycles with an 80% DoD average and a 90% DoD limit. The battery is expected to deliver more than 5500 cycles before it can no longer deliver 70% of the energy per cycle compared to when it was new.
  4. The battery has a 10-year warranty Freedom Won offers Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) energy storage solutions in an integrated, compact, and stylish wall unit for residential, business, and industrial use to protect against load shedding and outages. It is also used in integration with solar panels to reduce or eliminate utility power usage.


  1. It is a lithium battery with an approximate lifespan of 6,000 cycles at 100% of discharge and with an unbeatable Compatibility with products from other manufacturers such as SMA, SOLAX and Victron Energy.
  2. Warranty period is Ten (10) years from the invoice date.
Solar Md

Solar Md

  1. Solar MD specializes in Lithium-Ion battery storage for residential, commercial, and utility scale applications.
  2. The Performance Warranty for the battery is valid for 10 years from the initial (first) installation date.
  3. Major inverter brands are compatible with Solar MD systems. The solutions are compatible with low voltage as well as high voltage power conversion systems.
  4. Solar MD energy storage solutions are explicitly manufactured in a state-of-the-art modern technology factory in Cape Town, South Africa. Produced in Africa for Africa.
Pylon Tech

Pylon Tech

  1. Lithium-ion battery with a standard 7-year warranty that can be extended to 10 years for FREE by simply registering your Pylon tech battery on the pylon tech website. As in4solar we do register for you therefore the warranty will be 10 years.
  2. These maintenance free batteries can produce between 5000 - 7000 cycles making them a great long-term option and the most environmentally friendly option available.
  3. Pylontech's products and solutions have been widely deployed in power backup,new energy storage systems and electric vehicles.