Terms and Conditions -These are indicative budget price ranges and vary depending on the roof type and distance between the inverter area to the existing DB (this is applicable to all packages)

What it can do for you

  1. LED Lights * 100
  2. TV
  3. Small Fridge
  4. 1*AA Rated Fridge
  5. Security System

5KW Kodak Backup Package


Package Items

  • Without Panels
  • 5kw Kodak off grid inverter
  • 2.4kwh lithium-ion battery
  • 3.5kwh lithium-ion battery
  • AC and DC Protection
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3kw Kodak Package


Package Items

  • 1 x 3kw KODAK inverter
  • US3000 Pylon tech lithium-ion battery rack
  • 4 x 375 panels2.56kwh
  • 1 x Gitter battery
  • AC and DC protection AC and DC cable support
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