Terms and Conditions -These are indicative budget price ranges and vary depending on the roof type and distance between the inverter area to the existing DB (this is applicable to all packages)

What it can do for you

  1. Basic plus Standard
  2. Pool Pump
  3. Borehole Pump
  4. Fishpond
  5. Air conditioners
  6. Dish washer
  7. Washing machine
  8. Security systems

8kw Sunsynk 10kwh Freedom Won


Package Items

  • 18 x JA Solar 540W Mono panels
  • 10kwh Freedom Won Lite Home battery
  • 8kw sunsyk hybrid inverter
  • AC & DC protection
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10KW Kodak Package


Package Items

  • 16 x JA Solar 540W mono crystalline half-cell siler frame panels
  • Freedom Won Lite Home 10/8 Battery
  • 1 x 10kW Kodak Solar Inverter
  • 2 x DC combiner boxes with type 1 & 2
  • AC and DC protection
  • AC and DC cable support
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8KVA 10kwh Freedom Won Package


Package Items

  • 16 x 540W Mono Half-cell Black frame
  • Freedon Won Lite Home Battery
  • Victron Quattro 48/8000/110/100/100 - 6500W Inverter
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15KW Kodak 15kwh Freedom Won Battery Package


Package Items

  • 16 x JA Solar 535W Mono Crystalline Silver Frame panels
  • Freedom Won Lite Home 15/12 Battery
  • Kodak Solar Off-Grid Inverter 5Kw 48v * 3
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10kVA Victron 15kwh Freedom Won Battery Package


Package Items

  • 16 Canadian Solar 535W Panels
  • 15kWh Freedom won Battery LiFe PO4
  • Victron Quattro 48/10000/140/100/100/8000W Inverter
  • DC and AC protection
  • AC and DC cable support system
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15KVA Victron 20KWh Freedom Won Battery 3 Phrase System Package


Package Items

  • 30 x JA Solar 540 W Mono crystalline solar panel silver frame
  • 20 KWH Freedom won battery Lite
  • 3 x Victron multi Plus 48/5000/70-50 400W Inverter
  • Victron RS450/200 MPPT
  • AC and DC cables and cable support systems
  • AC and AC protection
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