Talk To Techie

Can I run my whole house on solar?

Yes, with the right solar energy system in place, you will be able to run your whole house on solar power. A stand-alone or off-grid power system is designed to work off the grid, independently from your electricity supplier.

Off-grid systems will have a large battery storage capacity, you can also have a back-up power supply connected, like a generator, or even connected to the grid, for when there isn’t enough light to charge the batteries

Can I run my geyser with the solar system?

Yes, since the geyser draws a lot of power, we recommend changing the geyser element to the modern energy efficient geyser element that is compatible with solar systems and a Wi-Fi based smart timer. This will help in reducing your electricity bill and flexibility in managing the geyser.

How do I decide how big my system should be?

We install loggers for 3-5 days so that we can assess your usage pattern, after this we now design an ideal system that matches your demand load. This is done so that we won’t over spec or under spec the system

Can I install panels now and add the battery storage later?

Yes, you can start with a small system and our systems are easily scalable to a full off-grid solution by adding additional panels and increasing battery size

Will my system need maintenance?

As In4solar Solutions after the installation we won’t leave you uncovered. We do have a Service Level Agreement which is a commitment from us to you. The SLA states that for the first year the maintenance is done by In4solar Solutions after every 6 months.That is the cleaning of the panels and infra-red scanning of the system. The following year the maintenance will attract a fee

What finance options available to me

For now, we are only financing commercial and industrial solar system for companies -30kw and above

Will solar Pay itself?

Yes, from a financial point of view, solar will recoup the outright cash investment in 5 years 8 months

Do you deliver and install solar system out of South Africa?

Yes, we do. Once orders have been placed and paid for, delivery is arranged via our courier partners and the team comes through and install commences